Alternative Investments

Q1 Capital Management GmbH is an independent multi-manager investment house based in Vienna and is focused on the identification and positioning of first-class investment products (Q1 stands for „first quartile “- see also for sophisticated institutional investors in Austria as well as in neighbouring Europe.

Due to our specific experiences in multi-manager, alternative and institutional investment sectors (Merrill Lynch, IBM pension fund, Innovest KAG, SMN investment services); we pursue a clearly focussed niche strategy.

Alternative investments, with a focus on multi-manager products (in order to spread the so-called “management risk”) are central to this concept. We source “single manager” products only upon explicit request from our clients.

We apply strict institutional quality standards on organisations of the investment managers, a broad risk diversification and first class risk-/returns profiles form further selection criteria for our investment products.

We offer genuine added value (“alpha“) to our clients rather than “hidden beta” as a portfolio building block. For this purpose we conduct global research to identify excellent managers and products in the relevant investment categories and open them (e.g. through fiscal representation) to Austrian investors.

The focus of our business activities are institutional requirements and the success of our clients’ investments. Our clients’ trust in our years of experience, credibility and ability to select the right products forms the foundation of our success.

Our commitment to the highest customer service standard is of utmost importance to us.

Our business strategy is founded on building and maintaining long-term business relationships with select institutional investors based on trust and confidence (“farming not hunting”).

The continued success of our clients is synonymous with our success ("alignment of interest").

Innovation and excellence, credibility and flexibility: these are the principles that have made us market leaders within a short period of time.