Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is referred to as energy from natural sources, which is replenished by itself and which does not cause the depletion of it’s source. 

In Europe renewable energy is promoted by different measures for a long time.With the EU Directive on renewable energy of April 23th 2009(2009/28/EG) all member countries of the EU had to enact a law which promotes the use of renewable energy for the areas electricity, heating, cooling and traffic in order to reach a quota of 20% of the total European consumption until 2020.

Renewable energy has also become an interesting factor for investment.Global demand for investments in renewable energy and it’s infrastructure increasingly renders corresponding investments as a new independent class of inflation protected assets (“real assets”) which become of high interest for institutional investors. 

“New” doesn’t necessarily mean risky in this context. However in this sector demonstrable track record and the relevant combination of professional experience as well as asset – management- competencies is rare. 

The required expertise has to cover the market conditions of the total energy sector, it’s complex regulations and financial methods as well as practical real operative management experience. 

Currently Q1 is working on investment opportunities in the sectors of photovoltaics, windpower and hydropower.